Sunday, July 10, 2011

Connecting with my Kids

every day i try to see the world through my kid's eyes. i try to understand why they react the way they do by remembering that their viewpoint of the world is very different from mine. i love to truly connect every day and HEAR what they are saying and SEE what they are seeing. Mason is an amazing 4year old (as every parent says about their kids). he is at a great stage where we have little conversations and he asks the best questions. owen is learning new words everyday and learning how to express himself. i love spending alone time with both kids. today i got to spend a lot of alone time with mason and i loved it. tomorrow i get to be with owen all day.
This morning we started the day with Yoga as usual.
They munched on a variety of things for breakfast including cantaloupe, almond butter, bananas, sprouted grain raw bread and grapes.
next it was art time out back.

later we went to Avery's B-day party which was fabulous. it was at a ballet school but both the girls and boys had a blast. check it out:

they dressed up as princesses and princes:

this was the train to the tea party:

time for tea and cake:

after the party mason and I ventured to bethesda for a little shopping, dinner and ice cream- just mason and i strolling around bethesda holding hands. i will remember these little moments always!! sitting eating ice cream discussing princesses and princes. we had a blast!!

namaste, kelly

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