Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

We spent the weekend in Williamsburg at my in-laws and it was a fabulous time. My sister-in-law has two little boys too and they all love to hang out and play!! i love traveling to williamsburg and visiting the in-laws because it allows me to slow down and breathe through life even more- taking time to be fully present and enjoy each moment.

they played with the "crazy caterpillar" water toy

enjoyed ice cream outside

made wishes in the fountain- and almost fell in!!

played "construction site" and loved watching the guy mowing the lawn. owen is obsessed with lawn mowers right now.

mason teaching little cousin Luke to high-five.

i often get the question what do i do for food when i travel. well i often take it all with me. Half the car is packed with delicious food for me and everyone i'm eating with. i love introducing others to new foods and new ways of eating foods. my in-laws finally got a vitamix so i at least don't need to bring that. this trip i took:
produce to make green juice, kombucha teas, fruit for the boys, fermented veggies, sea veggies, avocados, greens for salads and some homemade treats such as:
my cheesy kale chips- my sister-in-laws husband loved these!!

my not-tuna pate which i wrapped in nori sheets and layered with arame and hiziki

my spinach flax wraps which i also ate with my not-tuna pate.

i always come prepared. on sunday night i was craving a cold ice cream treat- i indulged in vanilla coconut ice cream!! Delish!! many people ask "isn't it a pain to take all your food." the answer is no. i know that if i come prepared with "my foods" i will be fueling my body so i can always be satisfied and have optimal energy. its a no-brainer for me. namaste, kelly

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