Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspiring Raw

Today i did a Raw Living Foods class with a mother and daughter who just wanted to be reinspired to eat more raw living foods and reminded that by changing their daily rituals they can easily begin to incorporate more raw living foods into their daily diet. Changing your daily rituals is the key to making any new lifestyle work for you. you need to plan ahead and be prepared all the time. you need to know exactly what you plan on eating all day so that you can prepare it that morning or the night before. if you wait till the last minute to decide you could end up not having access to what you truly want and making the wrong decisions.
i suggest using a wellness journal and writing down exactly what you eat that day in addition to how you feel- energy levels, emotions etc. start to link what you eat to how you feel. also, write down exactly what you plan on eating the next day.
the above recommendations will help get you on the road to success with a healthy eating plan.
check out some pics from the day
i always give my class participants green juice and info packed handouts. in all my classes i always talk about the importance of morning daily rituals and getting loads of wheatgrass, e-3 live, green juices and other superfoods and nutrients into the body first thing in the morning and through the morning. get those nutrients directly into the blood and to the cells!!

veggie wraps that can be made with greens or other veggies such as carrots or beet.

raw vegan pates are like the "meat" of the raw living foods world. we did the not tuna pate today!! this is always a hit. i love the texture in this recipe.

we talked about he importance of eating sprouts- especially sunflower, sea veggies and fermented foods and drinks everyday!!
arame and hiziki

raw fermented kim chi

i demonstrated how to make nori rolls and discussed other great raw living foods entrees such as pizza crusts with fermented cheese spreads and marinated veggies on top and zucchini/veggie pasta meals with fabulous nutrient-dense sauces.

i of course always share how to make the best crunchy savory snack in the world-kale chips!! my cheesy nacho kale chips!!
the nacho hemp sauce

the kale chips smothered in nacho cheese sauce

we discussed how to use irish moss to give things a creamy texture- such as ice creams. i gave them a pint of raw vegan ice cream that i made earlier with irish moss to enjoy at home.

we also discussed green juices, green smoothies, power smoothies, green energy soups, sun burgers, energy balls and bars and more...
we discussed raw living foods concepts such as acid/alkalizing levels, supplementation, growing wheatgrass and sprouts and more...

they discussed the idea of each of them making certain recipes and foods each week and then sharing. this is a fabulous idea to get more variety into your diet.

each week i open "Kelly's RAW Kitchen" to anyone wanting to be inspired to eat more raw living foods. it truly is an amazing way to eat and live- plus it is sooo delicious and nutritious. call or email to set up a time for you, your family and your friends to join me.

namaste, kelly

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