Friday, June 17, 2011

Zoo, Connecting with my Boys, Daily Nutrition and more..

Today i had a fabulous day connecting with my boys. today was one of those days where we had no place we had to be and it did not matter what time it was. we could go with the flow and be spur of the moment all day. i love days like this. i tend to be a planner so to "let go" and just do what we want when we want is a great feeling.

i want to remind everyone to truly listen to your kids and all people you communicate with. listen to their words, read their body language, their tone, facial expression and eyes. when i became a parent one intention i set for myself was to truly listen (and all the other things i listed above) to my children, hear what they are telling me or trying to express to me, let them know that i "hear" them and "understand" them and finally respond as i see fit. at this stage with a 2 year old and 4 year old they both communicate in different ways but as their mommy i most of the time understand what they are trying to communicate. i love the lifetime of stages of being a mommy!!

so here was my day:

6:30 mason woke me up
morning yoga, music and rebounding with boys
water with probiotic, mega hydrate
drank green juice and made breakfast for boys- which included chlorella tablets
shots of liquid iron and acai juice
more green juice with supplements
10:30 stopped for tea and little snack with boys
11:00 off to zoo
they loved the elephants

daddy was at the US Open but mason wore the hat he got him alllll day!!

the apes were my favorite

snack break for some lemon ice- they were huge. when i was little they were 1/3 the size- hello sugar!!

owen loved the water sprinklers!!!

they loved crawling through the tunnels and chasing each other in the zoo park

mason fed his stuffed panda bamboo from our backyard. we searched and searched for the real pandas at the zoo but they were hiding all day.

it was a fabulous day bonding with my boys!!
4:00ish to the market ate dinner and ice cream outside- it rained a little by it felt great!
i love eating ice cream out with the boys so i picked up a new raw vegan ice cream that whole foods now carries. it was a great treat and refreshing after a hot day at the zoo.

we came home, boys got baths and we all jumped into my bed to watch NEMO.
now i'm sipping on my kombucha reflecting on my day.

i'm soooo grateful for days like today.

namaste, kelly

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