Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Private Dehydration Class Today!!

Check out some of the delicious foods i demonstrated at today's private dehydration class:
Cheesy Crunchy Kale Chips. I did not demo "My Secret Recipe" but one that is still amazing!! This is the best food to eat in place of salty crunchy potato chips. Everyone needs to know how to make kale chips.

My famous seed crusts that i use for many things. i love making open-faced sandwiches with a spread of zucchini hummus, sprouts and veggies. i often just dip these in pestos and enjoy while i'm eating an energy soup. i love spreading them with a raw vegan fermented cheese and then loading them with veggies such as marinated mushrooms and red peppers. i top everything off with sprouts!!

My basic but essential Spinach Flax Wrap. These are awesome in place of grain wraps for sandwich wraps. i love to wrap sprouts and a pate and eat like a burrito.

Here are my "Crispy Green Crackers" made from the pulp left over from my green juice each day. In this recipe i added sprouted ground flax, soaked sun dried tomatoes, sea salt, dulse, kelp, soaking water from sun dried tomatoes and more water till consistency i wanted.

Call or email to schedule a private raw food demonstration or lunch party where we make the lunch together and then sit down and eat together.

Schedule a group of 10 or more and you get the class for free.

namaste, kelly

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