Sunday, June 12, 2011

David Wolfe, My Nutrition, Kids and more...

i attended David Wolfe's weekend seminar in Baltimore and it was fabulous. Loads of like-minded people, inspiration and raw living foods knowledge. i love it!!

Friday morning check out the kids eating their chlorella tablets and playing in the back yard.

Friday afternoon before leaving for Baltimore the kids and i set up a lemonade stand to cool down our neighbors!! Mason was sooooo excited when a family of 5 stopped and gave him $5 for a few cups of lemonade- thanks to that family- you totally made my son's day.

While serving lemonade we munched on my newest raw vegan ice cream flavor- coffee with cacao nibs (made with Dandy Tea or teechino- both give fabulous flavor).

This morning i made my green juice with pineapple as the sweetener instead of apple. it was fabulous and very refreshing!! Plus i threw in a handful of dulse. Drank this while eating my chlorella tablets

After the pool i made a nutrient-dense medicinal mushroom drink.

Gynostemma Tea as the base
1 scoop sun warrior vanilla protein
1 huge tbsp reishi powder
1 huge tbsp chaga powder
1 tsp noni powder
1 tbsp noniland honey
The kids, joe and i munched on an organic raw chocolate bar filled with superfoods

Finally i indulged in a combination of my coffee ice cream and my chocolate ice cream. the two eaten together but separate was fabulous!!

The kids enjoyed their raw vegan chocolate ice cream in their gluten-free cones.

i'm a big believer in reassessing what and how you eat all the time. i love experimenting with new foods, herbs, superfoods and longevity products to see what can give me the energy that will allow me to do everything i want to do every day!!! i'm always trying to fit 3 days into 1 day. i want to make the most out of every minute and experience life for everything it has to offer.

i have lots of new projects in the works so i need as many superfoods and herbs as possible to get these projects, classes and retreats to you asap!!

namaste, kelly

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