Wednesday, June 8, 2011

David Wolfe at Elizabeth's Gone RAW

Fabulous night!! Nourished with amazing raw foods, surrounded by like-minded people doing wonderful things in the world and listening to David Wolfe who is soooo motivating and inspirational. i'm so energized i may be pulling an all-nighter because my brain is in overdrive right now. i love feeling this way- its all the CACAO and superfoods i ate tonight plus all the positive energy in that room. thank you to elizabeth for connecting so many wonderful people!!
i sat at david's table during our amazing raw meal-love chatting raw foods- he speaks my language!! couldn't resist taking a picture with him.

one thing i love about him is he truly gives off an energy for living life to the max. i make the most out of every moment. life is about living in the NOW!! do what you want to do NOW!! don't just think about it or plan it- do it NOW!! i love this.
i first met david in nutrition school when he came to speak on raw foods. i thought to myself "i want to take/eat whatever this guy is doing!!". 5 years later and i continue to be devoted to my raw living foods lifestyle and learning everything i possibly can about fueling the body/mind/spirit optimally.
the menu was filled with superfoods to take our nutrition and energy to the next level!!

Crispy Kale Chips which had the perfect amount of spice- big kick of cayenne!!

Salad of Spring Mushrooms- yellow and blue oyster, beech, royal trumpet and hen of the woods on butter lettuce with truffle vinaigrette

Olive cannelloni with parsley salad and heirloom tomato-basil relish

Cacao layered cake with goji berries and chocolate mousse

we literally licked our plates of this one

i then decided to try one of davids cacao bars which was also amazing.
i connected with many friends that i had not seen in a while. my friend rebecca and i.

my friend amy getting her book signed.

i will be attending his event in baltimore this friday and saturday. excited to be inundated with loads of raw living foods knowledge and meet many more raw foodies!!

namaste, kelly

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