Sunday, June 5, 2011

Vita-Mix Blender Class and more....

Today was my Vita-Mix Blender Class and wow did the participants get to taste test lots of nutritious and delicious treats. a few of my goals with this class were to: 1-introduce people to the vita-mix blender which i feel is one of the most important tools you can have in your healthy kitchen 2- show the participants that nutritious food can also be delicious and satisifying 3- teach people more about the benefits of eating the raw living foods diet.
This is my kitchen which i designed so i could do my food demonstration classes at my house. i could spend all day in this space- and i often do!! we had a packed house today.

i even had a videographer there. here i come u-tube!!

Making the green juice

prepping an orange for the dandelion goji smoothie

Straining the nut milk

my two interns helped me soooo much today- taking pictures, prepping food, serving participants, cleaning up and more...- thank you very much for all your help!! here they are serving the blueberry hemp milk smoothie

look at the color of this amazing Creamy Red Pepper Soup!!

demonstrated an amazing Almond Cheese: Garlic Pepper Rosemary

here is one of my favorite pates: Sunny Sea Veggie Pate

amazing chocolate avocado pudding

finally, the art of making raw vegan ice creams!!

i always plan to demonstrate more than i actually get done. after participants left i continued my raw food creating and made 4 more pints of ice cream, another nut cheese and another favorite pate- Sunflower Sundried Tomato Spinach.

here is the recipe:
**Notice i used my food processor. i often use my food processor for pates- but today in class i wanted to show you that you can use the vita-mix blender too.
2 cups soaked raw organic sunflower seeds
1/2 cup soaked sundried tomatoes (soak in approximately 1 cup of water-enough water to cover sun dried tomatoes) (you will use the soaking water in recipe.
2 cups greens- i used 2 cups baby spinach
2 cloves crushed garlic
1 tbsp italian herb blend (i use frontier organic herbs/spice blends)
1 tbsp lemon juice
salt to taste
optional- 1 tbsp dulse and or kelp

place all ingredients in food processor or vitamix and process till desired consistency. if you like it chunky process lightly. if you like it smooth process longer. add more water if needed to get desired consistency.

use this in collard wraps, nori wraps, on a sprouted grain bread sandwich, mixed in with sprouts and greens to make a salad, add a scoop to the side of a soup or salad or just eat it alone.

after the fabulous class and loads of clean-up

the family was off to t-ball practice where owen played on the playground and mason received his first baseball trophy from his T-ball coach!! i love kidball t-ball. i'm soooo proud of him. sorry no picture- was caught up in the moment.

thanks to everyone for being great participants. i hope everyone learned many techniques they will use to feed themselves, family and friends well for a lifetime!!


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