Monday, June 6, 2011

Today's Nutrition

i feel like today is the first official day of summer. mason is off of school and we spent the day at the pool. we joined seven locks swim and tennis club this year and it is soooo relaxing with great activities for the kids. i was able to sit and relax while the kids had fun in the water. i of course played in the water with them too and it made me feel like a kid again. so it was just a fabulous day with the kids.
these pics are from a memorial day weekend picnic

today's nutrition
woke at 5ish
yoga home practice- energizing flow- felt very strong and balanced, great breathwork!
water, probiotic
water, lemon, cayenne
aloe vera detox formula

iron liquid supplement
8ish green juice plus supplements
8:30-10ish green juice plus chlorella tablets

sipped on various teas
12ish shot of aloe vera detox formula
liquid iron supplement
sipped on more tea
2ish celery and carrot sticks
4ish i ate the rest of my sunny sea veggie pate wrapped in a collard leaf with sprouts.

the boys ate red peppers, broccoli and a bowl of my sunflower sundried tomato spinach pate.

they both worked up an appetite at the pool- they chowed!! plus they had loads of snacks at the pool: raisens, tomatoes, apples with almond butter and goji berries.

happy summer!!! kelly

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