Monday, December 6, 2010

Be Thankful for your Health

Wow does it feel good to have my health back!! there is not much that gets me down but whatever my family and i had got us all down!! i'm back and feeling fabulous. i'm soooo grateful for my health now!! i have the ability to make healthy choices everyday. my choice to wake up early and connect with and move my body with my yoga. and wow does it feel good now. my choice to make my daily green juice which provides me a fabulous base of nutrients every morning. here are some pics of mason and owen helping me make our daily green juice:

tonight's dinner was very messy but soooo fabulous:

arame and sea spaghetti
baby arugala blend
dressing: tahini, orange juice, lemon juice, garlic, nutritional yeast and sea salt
i whisked the dressing together, poured it over the sea veggies and mixed in the baby arugala and tomatoes. i ate a few bites just like that and then i wrapped it in a nori sheet and dipped it in additional sauce with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast. we loved it!!! i've been loving lots of wraps lately: spinach wraps, nori wraps and collard wraps are my favorites.

this weekend was a fabulous holiday preparation weekend. we decorated our tree, i shopped for the boys, wrapped lots of presents and sent out my holiday cards. i'm totally in the holiday mood!!! saturday night we lit a fire and just cuddled up together as one big happy family- while eating the most amazing raw chocolate almond ice cream!!! a fire, ice cream and family- it was a perfect night. i have the holiday music on all the time now!! here is mason decorating the tree:

here is owen enjoying every bite of his blueberry almond butter smoothie:

Take some time to appreciate your health. you have the ability to make healthy choices with each choice you make during the day: what you will eat for breakfast, if you are going to exercise, how you are going to react to the situations you are faced with each day and so much more. You are in charge of your health and life- so take charge!!

namaste, kelly

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