Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Daily Rituals

Here is what i thrived on the last two days:

Wednesday- Yesterday was a work day for me so i ate very simple. When i eat simple i have the energy to put towards my work and life. In the morning i prepared all my food for the day: green juice, grapes and a huge amount of green smoothie with loads of goodies in it.

woke at 4ish
water with lemon and probiotic
red rooibos tea- wanted something warm!! it has been sooo cold here!!

GT kombucha tea while working with clients

Yoga class at Yoga Fusion- the heat in the studio felt fabulous!!
Green Juice with supplements- I still find it amazing that i crave my green juice everyday!! it nourishes my mind and body.

Here are the supplements i took today:

Sipped on more green juice while working with clients
Snacked on grapes while driving to pick up mason from school

Back to the studio to see clients
Huge green smoothie (approximately 55 ounces) that i sipped on from 4:30ish to 7:30ish. my green smoothie today included: raspberries, mango, banana, spinach, chard, kale, water, sun warrior vanilla protein powder, green pure synergy powder. It was soo yummy!!

worked late (till 7)

Today was also a work day but i was craving some warm cozy food. It is just sooo cold outside that i needed something warm, dense and chewable. so i indulged in my "fall/winter" splurge of quinoa.

Woke at 4ish
made my green juice
drank warm water with lemon and took probiotic
GT kombucha tea while working with clients
Yoga class at Yoga Fusion- again loved the heat!!!
Green juice with supplements
Sipped on green juice while working with clients
Home to indulge in my favorite cozy fall/winter meal of: quinoa, baked sweet potatoes, chunks of avocado, cilantro, peas, sea salt and lots of nutritional yeast. i had my nanny prepare this so it was ready for me when i stopped at home. i ate it slowly while doing some work at the computer. this of course is not ideal but sometimes i need to get things done while the boys are busy- owen was sleeping plus the nanny was still here and mason was at school. then it was off to pick up mason at school and venture to home depot for some house stuff!!

time for bed!! namaste, kelly

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