Friday, February 11, 2011

Daily Silence and Meditation

Every day i find time to be alone and breathe. Today when owen woke from his nap, i picked him up and he just melted into my chest (usually he is ready to go for round two!!). I sat on our comfy new sofa, closed my eyes and just let him and i be in silence together for over 30 minutes. it was an amazing experience. the feeling of his heart beating on mine, his breath on my skin and his little hands gently holding on to me. I rubbed his back and head and thought i never wanted that moment to end. This was exactly where i needed to be at that moment- no place to go, nothing else to think about, nothing else to do. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

i challenge everyone to find time everyday to just be. Be alone, be with your thoughts, be with your breath. This is a good technique to use if you are feeling frazzled-like life is just passing you by. we can get caught up in the mundane activities of every day living. or we can make each moment a brand new experience by being present in the moment.

Times of silence and meditation can happen in small chunks of time or large chunks of time. I catch a few minutes of silence in the car when i'm waiting to pick up mason from school. My long period of silence/meditation is right before bed when i reflect on my day and set intentions for the next day. Everyone can fit them in at some point during the day.

Namaste, kelly

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