Friday, February 25, 2011

My Yoga Immersion / AWARENESS

i'm in the process of doing a "yoga as therapy" program / advanced yoga studies training and this coming weekend is one of my immersion weekends. during these weekends i truly immerse myself in the yoga world. i met today with my mentor for a private 2 hour discussion and it was fabulous. we sat and discussed the philosophy of yoga as therapy and it gave me a lot to research and think about. now i'm sitting down with my books and thoughts and putting it all together.
one reason i'm doing this training is to continue to develop as a person in this world. to get the most out of the world and feel, see and experience everything that i can. yoga makes me more present. it increases my awareness of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, connections with people and so much more. it is through my deeper study of yoga that i want to go deeper into knowing myself. AWARENESS is the only way that i will learn more about myself. AWARENESS is the only way i can help my patients and clients learn more about themselves. i, as the teacher, need to help my students become AWARE of their body alignment, postural abnormalities, breathing patterns and more. through this AWARENESS we then work on making changes.
my focus this weekend is on AWARENESS- for myself and how to effectively teach my patients and clients AWARENESS.

namaste, kelly

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