Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mindful Walking / Today's Nutrition

good evening. it was such a beautiful day today. today i had another yoga workshop all day and during the afternoon break i decided to take a long walk by myself. It was perfect. i took the time to be mindful of how i was walking and breathing. letting my thoughts just wonder and stop "thinking". the sun was shining down on me, people were rushing past me and i just kept walking focusing on what my body was feeling. i consciously let go of areas i found myself holding. over time my body was able to breathe deeper allowing my back and core to feel lengthened and spacious. i felt very energized after this walk.

today was a simple eating day for me. at least once per week, but often more than just once, i eat very simple. here is today's nutrition:

i slept in till 6:30 yehhhh!!
warm water, lemon, cayenne- drank this on the way to yoga workshop
drank blended cantaloupe at break during yoga workshop
10am short walk
kombucha tea
yoga practice
1:00ish long mindfulness walk
2:30 back to yoga workshop
kombucha tea
5:30 2 apples on way home from workshop
8:00 just got done munching on chlorella tablets- i wanted something crunchy and was craving a green

my energy is very high right now- but i know its time for bed.

namaste, kelly

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