Monday, May 16, 2011

Private Raw Food Day / Today's Nutrition

Today i did a private all day raw food class for a client. She is a fabulous person and client with positive energy. She is very energized about learning about the raw living foods lifestyle and has gradually been implementing the concepts. the best part is that her teenage son is the one who is urging her to learn more because he has adopted this lifestyle and is thriving on it. it always helps if mom knows how to prepare nutritious and delicious raw vegan meals- today he had a feast waiting for him when he got home.

here are just some of the highlights:

how to grow wheatgrass and juice it daily

we made one of my favorite "crusts" or "bread". She can now use this to make raw vegan sandwiches, pizzas and more.

Sprout and Fermented Veggie Salad with Amazing Tahini Miso Dressing wrapped in Nori Sheets

went outside to her fresh herb and veggie garden to pick some greens:

Next we were on to a delicious Arame Kelp Salad with a Basil Pesto over a bed of Spinach:

One of my favorite Cream of Spinach soups

My famous Energy Balls and Bars

our final soup that included a little bit of everything- i never let anything go to waste.

For my nutrition today i did another very light day that included:
warm water, lemon, cayenne
green juice plus supplements
green juice plus chlorella tablets

10ish kombucha tea
3ish watermelon
5:30 watermelon

8ish kombucha tea

Call or email if you are interested in private raw food / yoga events for you and your friends, mom's groups, birthday parties or just to celebrate living well.

i'm up way past my bed time. namaste, kelly

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