Friday, December 30, 2011

Delish Day!! Juice and Smoothie Recipes!!

what a beautiful december day!! today was a fabulous day of eating well, moving well, playing with the kids and being in nature.
woke around 6:30 to make my juice. i loaded it with sprouts as usual. remember, you don't have to torture yourself drinking green juice you don't like- add apple, pear, or pineapple juice to sweeten it up and then lots of lemon and ginger!! it always tastes fabulous- especially pineapple juice (tomorrow is going to be a green pineapple juice day for me!!- look out for that recipe).
today's green juice:

loads of sunflower, pea, broccoli and alfalfa sprouts
handfuls of kale, collards, chard, romaine, spinach, cilantro, parsley, bok choy
3 apples
lots of ginger and lemon
my batch made enough for 2 16 ounce glasses for me, 1 16 ounce for hubby and 1 16 ounce for owen (mason did not want any today).
i blended one of my 16ounces glasses with 3 tbsps chlorella tablets- it gets thick and frothy.
kids came to equinox with me- they have a great kids play area so the kids can have fun while i work out. we headed to puree after the gym and boys got almond milk, banana, strawberry smoothies that they loved!!
they had 2 more smoothies at home later made of almond milk, mango and banana!!

my 30 ounce power smoothie today included:

coconut water
pure synergy green powder
blue manna
ionic minerals
acai powder

we got out in nature and played at the park today:
owen still loves his kazam bike

mason loves his new scooter he got for christmas

around 3:15 i ate my warming fall meal of a baked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, and steamed peas with dash of sea salt dressed in tahini!! totally satisfying.

my favorite tahini. sprouted nuts and seeds are easier to digest and more nutrient-dense compared to regular. rejuvenative foods is a brand of nut/seed butters that are all raw organic and sprouted!!

the kids chowed on my crunchy cheesey kale chips!!

owen's new favorite bar is this VEGA bar- he loves them!!

check out the chocolate ring around his mouth after eating two vega bars:

i'm doing a 3 day juice and smoothie cleanse so check out the blog the next three days for recipes for my juices and smoothies!!

have a fabulous new years!!


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