Thursday, December 29, 2011

Refresh and Rejuvenate!!

i had to get the opportunity to do what i thought i wanted to do to realize it was not exactly what i wanted!! ok- so its been almost a month since i last wrote and soooo much has happened since. The presses have stopped- Juc'd, LLC is no longer going to open.

There are many reasons for this but basically it was more than my partners and i wanted to take on at this time in our lives. both my partners and i had the best of intentions but it was not meant to be. i LOVED the creative process during the last few months. i thrive on the creation of something new, fun and interesting. i don't look at this turn of events as a negative but instead it was an amazing learning experience. its another experience that builds who i am and what i do in this world. i truly believe we are all on a path and what is meant to happen will happen. if you ever feel like you are forcing something to happen than most likely it is not meant to be and you should take a moment and reassess if its the right path. the day to day life of owning a retail shop is not what i want right now. i have two amazing kids who are young and need me now and i need them. i love living my daily wellness. i like getting my required sleep, waking up refreshed and energized, making my juice and nutrition for the day for my family and i, working out/doing yoga, transforming people's lives with my work, spending time with my husband and family and then having time for spontaneous activities. during the months of developing juc'd i kept a very strict schedule and it was just toooooo much to continue with. it may have mellowed out over time but i had to face the reality of owning a retail business- its a lot of time and energy on the biz. all that said- the great part is that i have the whole juc'd experience under my belt and now i'm refreshed and rejuvenated. i've taken the last 2-3 weeks to just clean out, organize my thoughts and go inward. i gave myself time to just be and to peel away the layers.
so what have i been doing with my nutrition and daily wellness lately. here it goes:

tongue scrape/brush teeth
water, lemon, cayenne (sometimes a shot of cocobiotic)
take probioitic, digestive enzymes
make my green juice for the day: loads of sprouts, greens, ginger, lemon and either apple, pear or pineapple for sweetness.
i love lots of ginger and lemon!!!

lately i've been blending my chlorella tablets with half my green juice instead of eating them because it saves time (chewing chlorella tablets gets sooo messy- plus i just got a new car and i can't eat messy chlorella tablets in it!!!)
workout at equinox: variety of elliptical, weights, yoga
sauna at equinox
drink green juice with chlorella tablets after workout (early morning)

i take variety of supplements throughout day: b12, b-complex, multi womens, D3, vit c, calcium (all whole food supplements)
i always take my digestive enzymes before meals- love healthforce nutritionals!!
later morning have green smoothie: organic fresh coconut water, berries, banana, fruit, greens such as spinach, kale or chard, green powder, blue manna powder, acai powder or other antioxidant powder, squirt of minerals, dulse, variety of other superfoods that i rotate- camu camu etc....
other days i may do a reishi capp to get herbs and medicinal mushrooms in my diet
my main meal is ideally around 3ish which may be sprout salad with fermented veggies and tahini or sweet potato meal (in the fall and winter i love my sweet potato with steamed broccli and peas mixed with tahini and sea salt!)or pate meal or blended raw soup etc....
i still love to finish my night off with my kombucha
thats a little summary of what i've been doing for my own wellness.

in regards to my blog most days i will write about my daily wellness rituals and life, share raw living food recipes to experiment with and make your own, provide you with ideas to get kids eating healthier and get you moving more and inspire you to live well and make the most of every day!!

during the time that i was creating juc'd i developed many amazing recipes- with inspiration and help from colleagues and friends (thanks to all the taste-testers!!!). here is one of my favorites that my friend marie passed along. this one is called DETOXIFY:

1 cup fresh organic coconut water (ideally from an organic young thai coconut)
1 handful cilantro
1 tbsp chlorella tablets

blend all the above ingredients!! it is a sweet frothy delight and totally detoxifying!!!

Juc'd may not have opened but Puree is here!! Puree opened today in Bethesda next to equinox and i love it. i know amy walden and she is doing fabulous things!! she is bringing fresh norwalk pressed juices to the masses!! i love it. today i had a shot of beet juice. my intention is still to make my own green juice daily because i have control over the variety and amounts of sprouts, greens etc.... that go into my juice. but i will buy my extras there such as beet juice, carrot juice, coconut water and milk when i don't feel like making it myself. there are plenty of times that i'm out and about and i just want to pick something up. now i can!! thanks amy and puree!!
i'm very excited to see what 2012 brings me. i'm amazed every year at how much i have experienced and how much i continue to grow and learn.
i'm extremely grateful to everyone that supported me during the development of juc'd!! i felt like i was sharing the experience with sooo many of my clients, colleagues, friends and family!! i love you all for everything!! i especially love all the stories that came my way when i told people why juc'd was not happening. i received many emails and calls with the basic story of "you never regret spending more time with your family, living slower and taking care of yourself."

i look forward to spending 2012 living my wellness and inspiring others explore their wellness!!!


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