Friday, December 2, 2011

Tasting Party and Breakfast of Choice

Good morning!! i just returned from my workout at equinox and i feel fabulous- elliptical, weights for upper and lower body, yoga poses, stretching and foam roller. when i'm working with clients i find that 99% if you schedule your workout in the morning and make it a daily ritual it not only gets done but you begin to crave it and thrive on the energy you get from the workout. It truly impacts my entire day! i feel like i've taken time for myself and can then be the best mom, business owner, nutrition coach etc and give to others.
my advice with any form of movement is to be mindful and present while doing anything. it is very easy to drift away in the gym atmosphere and even in a yoga class. One key with movement is that it needs to be done correctly to truly be beneficial. so focus on the details of all your movements.
my breakfast of choice:

my fuel most mornings is green juice and chlorella tablets. I love chewing my chlorella and sipping on my green juice. it is what i find replenishes me in mind, body and spirit.
today's juice:
sunflower sprouts
broccoli sprouts
alfalfa sprouts
pea sprouts
WOW!! it is awesome!! i'm drinking it right now while eating my chlorella tablets with a big green grin!! Don't forget to rotate your green!! i love my little straw cups too!!

I'm in the midst of prepping for a taste testing party on sunday which will include many "Juc'd" signature products- shots, elixirs, cold-pressed juices, tonics, nut milks and raw living soups. I love the creative process of not only developing recipes that are delicious but that give the body something!! For me there is always a reason why i drink or eat something- it may be to increase energy, to provide minerals, good fats or protein or maybe just to cleanse by eating light. not a meal goes by for me and my family that i don't think about how this food is going to make me/us feel. I want you to become aware of how your meals and snacks make you feel. challenge yourself to switch up your choices so that you food/drinks meet your mind, body and spirit needs.

have a fabulous weekend!! drink, eat and be happy!!

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