Friday, July 17, 2009

Cacao Crazy

i am not a cacao person- i go for the carob if i want a "chocolate" taste. but in my last order to natural zing they sent me two samples of righteously raw cacao bars. today after i was done eating my banana, mango and strawberry "raw ice cream" (which is really just frozen fruit blended in my vita-mix) i decided to "just try a bite of each". well- i ate both bars and enjoyed and savored every bite!!! WOW!!! i ate them while i was listening to classical music, nursing owen and while mason was napping (so it was unusually quite). it was quite peaceful and amazing. i tried the maca bar and the caramel bar. the caramel bar was the best out of the two. but i suggest these bars to anyone who needs a cacao fix. you can get these bars at you can also go to my website to the "store-natural zing" and connect via my site. i will not make a habit out of eating cacao because it just does not make me feel optimal. i often feel foggy and out of balance. but they were yummy to eat and great for people who love cacao!!

ENJOY!!! kelly

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