Monday, July 27, 2009

Green Juices and Smoothies

i love eating/drinking green juices and smoothies. i eat/drink green juices and smoothies everyday. they are an amazing way to get loads of nutrients into your body. the biggest difference between a "juice" and a "smoothie" is when you juice you strain out the fiber. fiber is beneficial in many ways including it helps to keep the colon clean, removes cholesterol, fat and toxins and therefore, helps to keep the digestive system functioning optimally. When you juice you take out the fiber and the juice is just loaded with nutrients. You can consume more juice and therefore, more nutrients. so both are beneficial and both should be done as often as possible.

many days, such as today, i do a combo of both. i load up my vitamix blender with a variety of greens, sprouts, etc. Today i did:

bok choy
kale- curly
red chard
pea sprouts
broccoli sprouts
and apple

i blended all the greens which filled the vitamix blender. i strained (using my nut milk bag) half the fiber from the greens and got a huge bowl of green juice. Next i blended my apple with what was left in the blender and then added it all together. it creates a delicious and nutritious half juice/half smoothie. then i added a few tbsps of spirulina and took my DHA supplement.

Experiment with a combination of juice and smoothies.

Live green and eat your greens!!

Be Well, kelly

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