Friday, July 10, 2009

My Daily Wellness Update

Ok- so i have many updates and so many things i want to share. First my two little boys are thriving. Mason is the most energetic, strong-minded and creative child i know- but of course i'm going to say that because he is mine and i love everything (almost everything) he does. i love all his little stories he tells me. he loves to fly high in the sky in his little airplane. Then there is my little owen. he is just the perfect baby. he knows how much i value my sleep and has been sleeping through the night most nights for a long time now. he is just happy and content and smiles at everyone. he loves to cuddle and i love cuddling and massaging him.

i spend as much time with the boys as i can. my job is to open their eyes to everything the world has to offer and then they can choose what they want to learn more about. my time with the boys is often spent outside in nature, at parks, reading books, coloring, painting, in the kitchen creating healthy fun meals and snacks, at the library, on playdates, etc. this area has sooo much to offer kids. i want to raise boys that are happy and that find what truly makes them happy. i don't want them to just go along with the typical mainstream things. i want them to be true to themselves.

i continue to journal daily about life, food, wellness etc. journaling helps me reflect on the day and set my intentions for the next day.

one key to my own daily wellness is staying present and mindful about everything i do. i try to eliminate anything that does not mean something to me or is a waste of time. my time is so precious and i want to enjoy and savor every moment. i make sure that each thing i choose to do really has a purpose in my life. Previously i would occasionally relax by watching a show at the end of the day. now i spend that time journaling more, getting more sleep, reading, meditating etc. Lately i've been listening to the Raw Mom Summit on-line and it is so inspiring. it is all about eating raw living foods, raising a raw family, living the best life ever and more.

remember, if you are interested in something inundate yourself with it and learn as much as you can about it.

i also love my spa time. my spa time includes getting massages, doing home facials, exfoliating and more. the home facial treatment i do regularly is a blend of manuka honey and avocado and you just spread it on your face and let it on for 30 minutes. your skin is silky smooth after this. i also love conditioning my hair with jojoba oil. i put this in in the morning and then wash it out that night. a daily treatment everyone should do is body brushing. this helps get the lymphatic system moving and exfoliates the skin.

Yoga is still my sacred space. it is what connects me mind, body and spirit. i do a yoga class almost everyday. days i do not do my yoga class i practice at home. but i love the energy in a class setting. i've been biking more lately and i love it!! i love getting out in nature alone with all that time to just move and think.

i'm usually at the studio and/or working tuesday-thursdays and home with the boys friday-monday. this schedule is perfect for me at this time in my life. it gives me a balance of being mommy and doing the work i love. it is hard for me to say no to work because i truly love the work i do. i love helping people transform their life and become healthy, achieve wellness and love the life they live. i love teaching people how to love healthy food and create daily rituals that they thrive on. but right now it is the kids that need me most.

does everyone know about the fabulous new farmer's market in bethesda. its called the central bethesda market. i love it!! anything that brings fresh local produce to bethesda i love. check it out!!!

What have i been eating lately? i always get this question. here are some typical meals i've been doing:

my daily green juice: celery, cucumber, romaine, kale, chard (green, rainbow, red), kale, collards, bok choy, napa cabbage, and a variety of other greens. i vary the greens each day. i juice some and keep the fiber in some. next i blend 3 fuji apples in with the greens that i kept the fiber with it and then i mix it all together. i make 50-60 oz per day. i drink it after my morning yoga or exercise till early-mid afternoon. in half of it i mix spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen or other green powders. the other half i just drink as is. i love my green juices!!!! i can't go a day without them.

i've been loving a sauerkraut salad i do: i mix my raw fermented sauerkraut with cilantro, variety of sprouts, tomatoes, carrots and avocado. next i put it in sheets of nori and eat it like a wrap. i love these lately. my body is craving the sauerkraut and avocado!!! i sprinkle kelp and other sea veggies on it too.

i've also been loving some raw ice creams i do. my favorite right now is just plain old banana ice cream. freeze bananas and blend. sooo simple. this is mason's favorite too. sometimes i add carob, mesquite and lacuma which is totally yummy too.

tonight i did a great ice cream/pudding combo. i did frozen bananas, strawberries and mango, coconut water, hemp protein powder, acai powder, mesquite powder and flax seed. i blended it all up and it was sooo smooth and creamy. i then sprinkled more mesquite and ground flax on top and it was fabulous!!!

i have been breastfeeding owen and he is now also eating banana, avocado, apples and pears. he loves his bananas and avocado!!!

i love the summer because you can be outside all the time. i love all the fabulous produce too- fresh berries and melons. i love the melons. Lately i blend them up and they are soooo creamy. the best are blended papaya or blended cantaloupe. try it!!!

ok- that's it for now.

be well and enjoy the summer!!!


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