Saturday, July 25, 2009

Raw Yoga

I love the combination of my raw food lifestyle and daily yoga practice. the combination of the two help me to cleanse the mind, body and spirit and take my movement practice to the next level. when i'm clean on the inside my yoga practice is sooo amazingly focused and intense. when i say intense i do not mean that i have to work so hard at it. it is actually just the opposite. i feel light, fluid and can breathe and focus easily. on the other hand if i had a heavy raw meal the night before (such as a raw salad filled with nuts, seeds, avocado and olives or a gourmet raw treat such as raw pizza) i feel that my body is still spending energy digesting these foods and can not move and function optimally. when the digestive system is empty the body and mind can focus its energy on other things such as breathing, asanas (postures), focused attention and more.
when i eat a very cleansing diet i feel connected to life and "on top of my game". i feel connected with the people around me and to nature and living life to its fullest. a cleansing diet for me includes a day filled with fruits and veggies in very digestible forms. for example i may do:

blended melons
green juices
green smoothies
shots of wheatgrass and E-3 live
green soups
fresh fruit
fresh cleansing veggies such as cucumber and celery
fresh cleansing herbs such as cilantro and parsley

test out how you feel when you give your digestive system a rest compared to how you feel when you overload your digestive system. a key to feeling well and vibrant is having good digestion.

Be Present,


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