Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blended Fruit

What a beautiful day today!! it was a fabulous yoga day. woke at 4am and did an early morning yoga practice and some body rolling too. Then i went to the 8:30am class at yoga fusion in bethesda. the class was a wonderful intense flow that made me feel connected and powerful. i'm cleansing this weekend and when i cleanse my whole body, mind and spirit feel connected. when i'm cleansing i love drinking blended fruits. yesterday i blended 2 whole cantaloupes and drank them throughout the morning (see pic above). Today, i blended 2 personal watermelons. they are soooo fresh and yummy. The kids love these drinks too. Try this with any melon- papaya and honeydew are great too. Cantaloupe is my favorite. be sure when you are drinking any blended beverage that you swirl the drink around your mouth before swallowing to allow the enzymes to help digest it. You can also add a few leaves of any greens to blended melon to make a green smoothie.

Namaste, Kelly

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