Friday, November 5, 2010

Raw Yoga Mom Update


Last friday i went to Elizabeth's Gone Raw's 5-course raw vegan dinner and it was just amazing: kale chips, dolmas, arugala and marinated mushroom salad, sorbet, olive raviolis and pumpkin cheesecake. DELISH!!! The only downfall about dinners like this is that it is soooo much more food than i am used to eating at one sitting and my belly just does not like it. my energy is sapped after i eat a meal like this. I'm very sensitive to food and its like my body just gets overwhelmed. so for two days after i eat like this i detox- water with lemon, green juices and fresh fruit and veggies- very simple!! now of course what i know i should do is ask to take the dessert home but its sooo hard when it looks sooooo delicious- but i will do it next time!!


The cooler weather is upon us and soon the shorter days. during this time i crave a hearty warm meal occasionally. i don't eat much cooked food but when i do my favorite is the meal i did today- and it was very yummy and satisfying. here is my favorite:
cooked quinoa
baked or steamed sweet potatoe
chopped cilantro
chunks of avocado
green peas (or broccoli or any other veggie you want)
dash of sea salt to taste
In one big bowl i put approximately 1/2 cup cooked quinoa, 1 small sweet potato (in chunks and slightly mashed), handful of peas, chunks of avocado, a handful of chopped cilantro and a dash of sea salt.
i love when the really warm quinoa melts the cooler avocado- sooo yummy!!


This morning i spoke to a group of moms in regards to nutrition. i love working with moms and families because i, as a mother, wife etc can relate to many of the issues they have. Motherhood is challenging and getting support from other moms and professionals that can help you find solutions to issues is the key. one big problem with nutrition today is that the media and marketing campaigns send out the wrong information. I challenge all moms and families to do some research and learn why we should not "go with the flow" in regards to what the government and the media tell us to eat. Watch some movies on the topic such as "The Future of Food" or "Food Inc." You will never eat the same. I'm always happy to talk with moms groups so please pass the word.

I love this time of year and i love going to the pumpkin patches. This year we did Homestead Farms and Butler's Orchard. I love the big sliding board!!

Namaste, Kelly

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