Sunday, November 21, 2010

What a Day!!!

It was an action-packed day here at the Bradley household. Started my day with my 4am yoga wake-up call. i've been focusing on a lot of hip openers lately and i can feel it is helping to balance the whole body. when the body is balanced it works more efficiently. this is what we want. we want the body to work efficiently to preserve energy for living. and i needed the energy today!!!

mason woke around 6am and owen woke shortly afterwards. i knew today was going to be a "not-so-good" eating day for mason due to a cookie playdate and b-day party so i wanted to pack him with goodness in the morning: lots of fresh fruit and a nut milk strawberry smoothie. We did an early morning art project- we had a b-day party today so we wrapped his present and hand-made a b-day card.

i blended two cantaloupes and drank one myself and gave the rest to owen and mason. they love the blended fruit too.

i worked with a client this morning who is transitioning to a raw living foods lifestyle- check out the amazing goodies we made together:
Zucchini and Carrot pasta

Cilantro Basil Pesto

Brazil Nut "Parm Cheese" (brazil nuts, garlic, sea salt)

I coated the pasta with the cilantro basil pesto, sprinkled it with the brazil nut sprinkle and added a few slices of avocado. YUMMY!!!

Nacho Cheese Kale Chips

Sweet Cinnamon Sprouted and Dehydrated Walnuts

Green Juice

Nutrient-Dense Greenies: pulp leftover from juice, sprouted ground flax seeds, carrots, dulse, kelp, nutritional yeast and sea salt

Next it was home for a playdate where we made "turkey cookies." mason saw this on a commercial and wanted to do it. this included all the good stuff: sugar cookies, icing, food dye to color the icing, chocolate chips and sprinkles. everything i DON'T want him to eat. however, it looked like a fun project and i like doing these creative things with him and his friends. so of course i made it a little healthier- organic sugar cookie dough, gluten-free organic icing, dyes from real food such as the red was from beets, vegan chocolate chips and real sugar sprinkles. the best you can do in these situations is get real food products (no artificial colors or fake foods). here are the results:

it does not really look like a turkey but we tried!!!!

after the playdate i made myself a green fruit smoothie with sun warrior protein powder to fuel me the rest of the day. i took this with me on the way to our next event- a b-day party at the "rockville sports center." it was moon-bounce heaven. mason ran off all the sugar he ate with the sugar cookies!!! then the goodies came out: doritos, cake, punch etc. again everything i DON'T want him to eat. my thought with these situations is that what they eat 90% of the time is most important and what they eat the other 10% i should not stress about. i don't want to make food a huge "issue". the point of kid's b-day parties is for the kids to learn the art of giving, socialization, to move the body and most importantly to just have fun with their friends. i know that tomorrow i will cleanse him with eating very clean- green smoothies, loads of fruits and veggies, healthy meals, water etc.

i love days like today. action-packed but i was present throughout. having a busy schedule is ok- as long as you are present and truly enjoying the moments.

namaste, kelly

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