Monday, November 15, 2010

Mindful Parenting

As the mother of two amazing boys i'm always striving to be the best mother possible. i want to raise boys that are kind, honest, loving, healthy, comfortable in their own skin, adventurous yet safe, confident, positive, open minded, happy- the list can go on and on. I believe in and read alot about "mindful parenting", "conscious parenting" and "attachment parenting". One of my favorite books is "Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting" by Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn. I was rereading this last night and just loved this statement:
"As I see it, the challenge of being a parent is to live our moments as fully as possible, charting our own course as best we can, above all, nourishing our children, and in the process, growing ourselves. Our children and the journey itself provide us with endless opportunities in this regard."
This statement says it so well. Parenting is a challenge- every day, every minute. We are challenged with nourishing them in every way. As mason gets older i find it even more challenging. He has his own little personality and no longer does he just go along with what i have planned. i need to allow him to grow to be his own person- not who i see him growing up to be. i need to guide him in the right direction of course but ultimately he will choose who he will become. i want to give him the opportunity to shine in his own skin and be the best person he can be. One of the most important things i need to do now is to give him emotional support so he gains an inner confidence to explore the world and be who he is in this world. To give him emotional support at this age, when he can be a little crazy, there are moments when i have to take a few deep breaths, think about how i'm going to react to a situation and then act. I need to act in his best interest. I have to see the situation through his eyes and his world. he is living in a 4 year old world whereas i'm living in my 34 year old world. taking the time to see the situation through his eyes has helped me be a better parent.

namaste, kelly

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