Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lifelong Learning

I just completed my second physical therapy continuing education course in two weeks. Last weekend i did a course called, "Functional Anatomy" which was a review of anatomy, the muscles and their origins, insertions, actions and functions, possible dysfunctions and treatments. Today i completed a two-day course on "Balance Enhancement and Fall Prevention." I'm reminded again how important it is to continue learning forever- to NEVER STOP BEING A STUDENT.

As a teacher myself i know how satisfying it is to share my knowledge with others and make a profound difference in people's lives. it is just as satisfying for me to be a student. i love to learn and build on my current knowledge base. even though i do a home yoga practice i also take yoga classes from other instructors almost daily. i love being the student, listening to new cues, experiencing new sequences, being silent and going within.

So I challenge everyone to be a student of life everyday. This could be in the form of reading a new book, watching a documentary, taking an art class, taking a new exercise class, observing children play, meditating- there are endless ways to continue to learn everyday!!

Namaste, kelly

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