Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cleanse Graduates and Potluck!

Congrats to all August Cleansers for 7 days of eating cleaner compared to what you typically do.  Yes, you had ups and downs but the key is to use it as a learning experience and make changes accordingly during your next cleanse.  Another key is to continue eating and living clean every day.  Maybe not as clean as you did the last 7 days but cleaner than you typical!!  Let you clean life continue!! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the Free Potluck today!!  I love being surrounded by a group of like-minded people who are living well or working towards living a healthier lifestyle.  Thanks to all of you for taking the time to make amazingly delicious and nutritious dishes.  Check out just some of the dishes!!
veggie stacks
corn veggie salad
raw vegan coleslaw
Blueberries with a Cashew Cream Sauce 
I brought collard wraps with a hemp tumeric dressing!!  This recipe is also in the cleanse manual!!!

I also brought this amazing spicy carrot ginger soup.  It is a delicious thick raw vegan soup made thick by a ripe avocado.  This with a few kale chips is a great meal.  This recipe is also in the cleanse manual.   
The final thing i contributed to the potluck was a salad with a light orange pumpkin seed dressing.  very simple and fresh!!  
I'm very excited to host the 7-Day Cleanse and Free Raw Food Potluck each month.

Why you should attend the Free Raw Vegan Potlucks:
-They motivate you to experiment with making a new dish in your kitchen.  Make it a goal that every potluck you create a new dish.
-You get to taste-test a variety of other dishes plus you get all the recipes.
-You get inspired each month when you see how creative you can get with raw living foods.
-I give you tips and recommendations to make food preparation and weekly menu planning easier. 
-You get to mingle with like-minded people and share stories. 
-You get to ask me any questions regarding raw living foods, wellness, nutrition etc.. 
-You get a free meal  plus dessert!!! 

So you have no excuse but to join the next potluck!!! 

September Cleanse Dates:
Cleanse starts: September 9th
Free Raw Food Potluck: Sunday September 16th 

Sign up now and receiver your 69 page cleanse manual within 24 hours.  I send it to you asap so you have plenty of time to digest it and to start the pre-cleanse recommendations.

If you have done the cleanse and you refer a first-time cleanser you get to do the cleanse for free!!
All repeat cleansers get to do the cleanse for only $50!!

Sign up at here.

My new blog and website are to launch in 2 weeks.  When the new blog and website are ready you will then sign up there.  I will send out an email to resubscribe on the new website.  


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