Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Detoxifying CucumberJuice & Pumpkin Seed and Walnut Milk Power Smoothie

 Hello cleansers and everyone who wants to eat clean to live well!!  

When people typically use cucumbers, they probably slice them to use in salads. Another useful way to use them is in juice form. Cucumber juice is a diuretic with a good amount of fiber that allows for optimal waste removal when consuming. Ingesting the juice provides good amounts of Vitamin A that is beneficial for eyesight, reproduction, and bone growth, and Vitamin D for strong bones. Drinking cucumber juice can help to cool down the body and normalize body temperature, great for the summer months. Make sure to include cucumber juice in your detox to obtain the long list of health benefits

Cucumber juice is the base of the Kelly Detox Tonic available at Puree this week.  Or make it at home:
14 ounces cucumber juice
1-2 ounces wheatgrass juice
1-1.5 ounces of ginger juice
juice of one lemon

I made a batch of pumpkin seed and walnut milk earlier this week which i used for my husband's power smoothie this morning. He is detoxing for two weeks and loves his morning smoothies.  He often has one for dinner too when he gets home late.  Smoothies and blended soups are great for dinner because they are easy to digest.

Pumpkin Seed and Walnut Milk Smoothie

12 ounces homemade pumpkin seed and walnut milk (or any nut/seed milk you have)
1 scoop raw meal
1 scoop sun warrior pea protein
1 tbsp pure synergy
2 frozen bananas
1 cup strawberries
1 dropper toffee stevia
1 tbsp almond butter

This smoothie is definitely a meal replacement smoothie.  

After camp today the boys and i went on a bike ride.  The boys took a break to snack on some grapes and buckwheat hemp pancakes (recipe coming soon) i made this morning.  I sipped on my green juice which i had chilling in the cooler in the car.   i always come prepared!!

We came home packed up a picnic and headed to the park to eat before tae kwon doe practice.  The boys helped me make their:

Sunflower Seed and Raspberry Date Spread sandwiches. 

2 slices sprouted sesame bread
2 tbsps homemade raspberry date spread (2 cups raspberries, 5 dates soaked for 20 minutes, blend in vitamix till smooth)
2 tbsps raw sunflower seed butter 
a few slices of banana
I also took sliced apples with raw almond butter which is what i snacked on.

As you can see i do feed my kids some typical "kid" food but healthier versions of these foods.  You can take any food and kick up the nutrition in it if you get creative!!  For sandwiches we often use a raw banana bread but i did not have any made today.

eat smart, move well and live whole!!


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