Friday, August 3, 2012

Photo Shoot!!

Today was such a blast.  Christine and I did another photo shoot for my new blog/website and book.  I love photo shoots.  loads of fabulous food and lots of creative energy flowing!!  check out some of her pics from the farmer's market last sunday. 
Here are some pics i took today:

Raw "Coffee" Herbal Tonic
Avocado Bowl
Zucchini Pasta with Pesto Sauce
All recipes will be available soon either in my new book or new blog/website- Coming Soon!!

Check out the dessert treat i made for the boys and i after karate tonight:
3 spoonfuls of Pistachio Vanilla Raw Vegan Ice Cream
1 large tbsp Peanut Butter i got at farmer's market last week
sprinkle of cacao nibs
drizzle of coconut nectar

This totally reminded me of a "frozen yogurt" i used to eat in high school.  it was vanilla with peanut butter swirl.  Peanut butter is not something i plan to add to my diet all the time but i am happy i experimented with this susie sprout brand.  i would recommend it to anyone who eats peanut butter.

I have to admit that i'm totally excited to start my own 7-Day Detox tomorrow!!  Tomorrow is the pre-cleanse workshop and i will be detoxing along with all my participants.  This past week i've been experimenting with too many raw vegan treats such as ice cream, the karma kookie and even the raw vegan granola for breakfast.  i notice when i experiment with things with sugar i just crave more.  This is not just psychological but it is a chemical imbalance and cycle that goes on in the body.  I'm ready to get clean again and get the sugar out!!

Time to detox- bring on the juice and greens!!

Mason at sparring class tonight:

live every day in a creative way!!

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