Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cilantro Pesto Salad and Delish Sprout Salad

This morning with my Power Smoothie i enjoyed a small bowl of my new favorite raw dehydrated cereal (see yesterday's post) with sun warrior protein milk (sun warrior blended with coconut water) and sliced bananas. 

Here is the sun warrior protein milk:
8 ounces coconut water (can substitute homemade nut/seed milk)
1/2 scoop vanilla sun warrior protein

I love creating delicious dishes from scratch but life does not always allow for that.  The solution is to have some already made delicious and nutritious foods at home and ready for you to quickly toss together and enjoy!!
Today, was one of those days that i was happy to have a few things on hand.   
Sunday at the market I bought Cilantro Walnut Pesto from my favorite sprout buddy. 
 I tossed together arugula, pea greens, sunflower sprouts, basil and tomatoes and mixed in the Cilantro Walnut Pesto. 

With this salad i ate a bowl of Susie Sprouts Sprout Salad.  It was a perfect combination. 
This sprout salad is loaded with easy to digest nutrients, protein and more...  I love the addition of raisins which gives it a little sweetness. 

One key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle every day is always be prepared.  Have foods that you can just toss together on hand and still create a nutrient-dense balanced meal.

eat smart, move well and live whole,


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