Sunday, March 11, 2012

Carrot Wraps and Crackers / Annapolis

My carrot wraps and crackers got fabulous!! i did not divide the wraps before dehydrating and i liked doing it this way because i then cut the rough edges off after dehydrating and continuing dehydrating the edges to make crackers. so i got lots of wraps and a few crackers from the one batch!!
the wraps!!

the crackers!!

this morning i made a delicious cleansing batch of celery juice with my Hurom!! it was perfect after my equinox workout!!

i also made another big batch of carrot ginger juice which i enjoyed this afternoon!! i have loads of pulp left over which i will probably make more wraps and maybe some veggie burgers!! we'll see!!

today was grocery shopping day. i hit moms and whole foods. check out my counter!!

today we ventured out to annapolis to our friend's house which is right on the water!! it was beautiful!! mason is soooo into soccer right now and had a blast playing with everyone.
owen eating his vega bar before heading to annapolis.

on the beach!!

we played loads of soccer!!

Today i nourished myself with:
24 ounces water, lemon, cayenne

10 ounces celery juice, chlorella tablets
24 ounces carrot ginger juice plus supplements
2 fuji apples on the way to annapolis
1 handful soaked goji berries
16 ounce sun warrior vanilla protein shake- just protein and water
green kombucha tea with chlorella tablets

i hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful day!! kelly

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