Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Ice Cream and more!!

Looking back at my nutrition for the day i realize that almost everything was totally GREEN!!!!! suprise suprise!! i started my day with a short yoga practice (i slept in today!!).
6:16ish warm water, lemon juice, cayenne
7:30ish green juice and chlorella tablets (plus crystal energy and ionic minerals)!! i swear i could live on just this!!

loads of kale
loads of parsley
loads of sunflower sprouts
apple, ginger, lemon

11:00ish 16 ounce raw green rooibos tea

1:15ish celery, kale, cucumber, parsley, lemon juice, coconut water!! Drank this while munching on chlorella tablets!!
i love to mix coconut water with my greens!! totally refreshing!! remember- the best place to get organic coconut water and meat is Exotic Foods. i'm placing an order right after i finish this post!!

3:15ish pineapple juice, 2 ounces wheatgrass, ginger juice


check out all the nourishing ingredients:

1 1/2 cup ice
1 tbsp maca
3 tbsp toctrenols
1 tbsp non gmo soy lecithin
2 1/2 scoops vanilla sun warrior protein
1 tbsp lucucma
1 tbsp xylitol
1 big tbsp spirulina
1 tbsp pumpkin seed oil
1 squirt vanilla stevia
2 droppers ionic minerals
1 tsp coconut oil
*place in vitamix and blend till smooth and creamy!!!

Tonight i will sip on a green kombucha tea!! i might turn green today!!!

check out wednesday's nourishment!!

water, lemon juice, cayenne
green juice (two and a half bottles- plus chlorella tablets)
gynostemma tea
carrot ginger juice
jing city mix!!! (spring dragon tea, jing city mix which is a mix of dandy tea and a variety of herbs)- it tastes like coffee!!

check out my big boys leaving for school together on thursday!! it was owen's first day of drop off that he got to take his lunch to school!! i packed him sprouted bread sandwich with sunflower seed butter and bananas, mango, apples and raisens.

have a fabulous night!! kelly

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