Friday, March 9, 2012

Raw Fruit Ice Cream!!

Tonight we feasted on some delish raw fruit ice cream!! its sooo simple and fun. take frozen organic fruit, throw it in the vitamix and voila!! Delish creamy ice cream!! i often add vanilla sun warrior protein because i love the flavor, texture and it provides me with more protein. check it out:
My glass of Blueberry Mango Banana with sun warrior vanilla protein. i ate three of these glasses!!

owen enjoyed his on a cone. i have not figured out how to make a raw vegan ice cream cone yet. so i use organic gluten free cones for the boys.

mason wanted banana ice cream.

mason had some in a cup and some on a cone!!

they loved every bite!! delicious and nutritious treat for the whole family. plus its a great activity to get the whole family in the kitchen!!


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