Monday, March 5, 2012

Spirulina Green Juice!!

Happy monday!! what a crazy weather day- sun, snow, sun, snow??? Crazy!! i'm sooo happy i just got my order of chlorella tablets in the mail!! i honestly crave them daily!! they are loaded with chlorophyll and protein and sooo much more!! i also just love to chew something when i'm drinking my green juice. it gives me the kick of additional nutrients every morning. This morning i only had about 20 left so i ate those and still needed something else. i did a great strength training workout at equinox so my body needed to be replenished. i went for the spirulina!! i had about 4 tbsps total and it totally nourished me!!
i love how frothy it gets when i lightly blend my green juice with spirulina!!

i used my spirulina from longevity warehouse today!!

owen is loving caring for his herbs he planted on saturday at the Can Do Kids Fair!!

i love having fresh flowers in the house. check out these beautiful colors!! sooo fresh and rejuvenating!!!

i challenge you to add some nutrient dense green powders to your juices some days for extra power and energy!!


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