Sunday, March 6, 2011

Detox Day 2

It was a fabulous rainy almost spring day. I love rainy days sometimes- especially on sundays!! Hope all my detoxers are doing well. Today was organization/preparation day so by now you should all have your food and plan ready to go- but if not you still have time. it is a process and each of you are on your own path.

i love this image. all my detoxers this week are from the Buddha B Yoga studio. it is a fabulous new studio owned by my friend and colleague Valerie. check it out at
to me the combination of being a yogi and the raw living foods lifestyle are profound- it is what allows me to thrive every day!!

here is my day today:

home yoga practice
6ish-drank kombucha while made green juice for the day
8ish-studio for meeting and phone consult with client
10ish- Garden of Life toxin defense packet/ water
Garden of Life organ detox capsules-3
Green Juice with supplements
10:30-11:30ish Green Juice with wheatgrass powder and pure synergy powder
Total green juice about 50 ounces
Today's Green Juice ingredients almost exactly like yesterdays with some arugula and red leaf lettuce too.
Grocery shopping with kids to moms and whole foods. I always make the 2 stops to get everything i need. this is always an adventure with the kids!!!
Garden of Life organ detox capsules- 3
Nori rolls with the following inside: clover, broccoli and alfalfa sprouts, raw fermented sauerkraut and carrots, sprinkles of dulse, kelp and sea lettuce, nutritional yeast, avocado, red pepper and radishes. i ate it in burrito form while preparing food for the boys and cleaning up.
Activity with boys all afternoon.
3:30 1/2 ginger kombucha tea
4:15 16 ounces of water blended with 2 large scoops sun warrior raw fermented brown rice vanilla protein powder
dry skin brush, shower
12 ounces of water blended with Garden of Life Digestion and Elimination powder
later i will have the rest of my kombucha tea
i also plan on meditating, deep breathing and setting my intentions for tomorrow.

Feeling fabulous. i love eating light. what is tough for me is to sit down while eating. i'm constantly doing something for the boys, cleaning up etc. i'm still conscious of my food and chew each bite to the max- which is why it takes me sooo long to eat. You can't be perfect at everything and you need to find ways to make your ideal lifestyle work with your real life schedule.

happy detoxing. namaste, kelly

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