Thursday, March 10, 2011

Detox Day 6

Here is a fabulous recipe that i shared with a client today to help her eat more sea veggies:

The above picture is a slightly different version that includes raw fermented sauerkraut and soaked sea spaghetti without the mungbean sprouts. The key is to combine sea veggies, sprouts and maybe greens with the fabulous dressing of tahini, miso and water. simple, yummy and sooo nutrient-dense!!!

These are the luna nori crackers i love by lydia's organics.

1/2 bag arame- soaked 10-15 minutes and rinsed
1 box sunflower sprouts
add a handful of any other sprouts you want: broccoli, alfalfa etc.
1 large handful mung bean sprouts
1 large tbsp tahini
1 tbsp chickpea miso- South River Co.
water (dependent upon how thick you want the sauce)
optional: add a handful of greens

Whisk together tahini, miso and water (if you want a thicker sauce add less water)
Place arame and sprouts in bowl and mix with dressing.

i also like to add spirulina to the dressing or sprinkle it on top of the salad!!

Enjoy this salad by itself, on dehydrated crackers, wrapped in romaine or collard leaves, wrapped in nori or place it on green salads or sprout salads. Its also yummy with raw fermented sauerkraut.

i love eating this salad with Lydia's Organic Luna Nori Crackers!!!

Today's Nutrition:

i store everything in different size mason jars. the other glass is the glass i love to drink all my smoothies and juices from and even eat my raw vegan ice creams from!!
tongue scrape
yoga- fabulous early morning flow!! i love my early morning practice. it is still dark outside and there is not a sound in the house. with two little boys this does not happen during light hours. it is sooo peaceful and calming!! it is the best way to start my day.
water and probiotic
drank kombucha while working with clients
yoga class- fabulous flow at the yoga fusion studio
green juice with supplements
green juice with wheatgrass powder and pure synergy powder
sipped on green juice while with clients from late morning till mid afternoon
2:30ish box of organic strawberries
3:15ish green smoothie including raspberries, spinach, chard and vanilla sun warrior protein.
3:45ish 2 organic oranges
worked with more clients till 7
sipping on kombucha tea while doing work in office now
meditation and deep breathing and long shower are on the agenda for tonight.

my plan for tomorrow is to make lots of yummy kale chips!! i'm looking forward to it!! namaste ,kelly

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