Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Benefits of Detoxing!!

Everyone can benefit from detoxing at some level. Here are a few benefits of detoxing:

Benefits of Detoxing
• Improved Appearance - One of the key benefits of detoxing is just how much better you will look. Apart from reducing bloating, streamlining your body, and toning your muscles through the combination of diet and body therapies, your skin will be transformed. Expect your skin to look softer and better hydrated, your complexion to be clearer, and the condition of your hair and nails to improve significantly. There should be less puffiness under your eyes and the eyes themselves should be clearer and brighter. You’ll even find your teeth are brighter as you avoid discoloring tannins present in tea, coffee and red wine.
• Better Health - Detoxing improves the health of your immune system by increasing the amount of antioxidant nutrients that are key to fighting infection and disease. As a result, you’ll suffer from fewer colds and minor illnesses. If you’ve been suffering from a food intolerance without knowing it, you may even find that allergic disorders such as hay fever and eczema, as well as stomach cramps, diarrhea, and headaches, disappear once the offending item has been removed from your diet.
• Restful Sleep - Detoxing will help you sleep better because you will be eliminating so many harmful substances that have been keeping you awake. Many people use alcohol as a sedative, but in fact it is a stimulant in the same way as caffeine and tobacco, and will wake you up in the middle of the night. Regular exercise will also promote deeper sleep, but avoid anything too strenuous in the hours before bedtime.
• Improved mood and Inner Harmony - Ridding your mind of negative thoughts will improve your outlook and do wonders for your state of health. Research has shown that optimism and happiness are strongly linked to good health, increased well-being, and your body’s potential to heal itself. Healthy eating will stabilize your blood sugar levels, which in turn will prevent your moods from fluctuation, helping you to feel more relaxed and better able to deal with stress.
• Weight Loss - Anyone who regularly eats thousands of calories of fatty, sugary, and nutritionally unsound food a day will lose weight if they follow a detox program. However, weight loss is only an added bonus, not the main aim. Don’t be tempted to weigh yourself while detoxing because you might not feel motivated to carry on if you find you haven’t lost any weight.

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