Friday, April 1, 2011

Today's Nutrition and My Detox Plan

Today was a fabulous day home with owen and preparing for my next 7-Day Group Detox. As many of you know i eat a very clean diet. during each round of Group Detox programs i challenge myself with something in regards to my food, daily rituals, movement etc. this time around is no different. i will be eating even cleaner and throwing in even more wheatgrass, e-3 live, sprouts, greens, blended soups, sea veggies, fermented foods and decreasing the amount of fruit i consume (maybe a little apple in my green juice and blended soups)(fruit is good in many ways but consuming too many of any kind of sugars is not good for colon health)and eliminating store-bought kombucha (i'm now learning to make it myself!!) and nutritional yeast. So i'm excited for the detox. tomorrow is the pre-detox workshop, detox program starts monday and will end next sunday.
Here is today's amazing nutrition (days i'm home with owen i actually have time to take some pics):
water, lemon, probiotic
2 ounce shot of wheatgrass
1 ounce shot of e-3 live
green juice, supplements
green juice with wheatgrass and pure synergy powder added
i included loads of sunflower, broccoli and alfalfa sprouts today!!

a few bites of Fermented Veggies by Rejuvenative Foods on top of lydia's organics green crackers

sea veggie mash that included kelp noodles, arame and hijiki with a dash of sea salt and a few shakes of dulse and kelp and mashed avocado. i ate this on top of green lydia's organic crackers with a big bowl of sprouts- sunflower, broccoli and alfalfa. Yummy!! Owen enjoyed this too!!

4ish- prepared raw vegan ice cream for me and the boys to enjoy tonight. Ingredients included: hemp milk (homemade), sun warrior vanilla protein powder, mesquite, lucuma, cinnamon, vanilla extract, vanilla stevia, vanilla powder, dash of sea salt. i blended all the ingredients in the vita-mix and then transferred to ice cream maker before leaving to get mason at school/soccer practice.

by the time i got home it was ice cream!!! we all enjoyed our ice cream before the real dinner. This kind of ice cream is a fabulous healthy treat for the kids. mason had sliced strawberries on his and owen wanted sliced bananas. i ate mine with a little sprinkle of hemp seeds and spirulina on top. Yummy!!

next it was time to play "farm" with the boys. To end the night we had reading time and then cuddle time!

i look forward to seeing all the detoxers tomorrow at the pre-detox workshop. Remember, everyone's detox daily rituals and food will be different dependent upon your goals, food history, health issues etc. What i do for my detox works for me- it is not what everyone needs to do or should do.

namaste, kelly

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