Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank You / Upcoming Events / Today's Nutrition

Thank you to all my wonderful clients. i truly love the work i do- helping people live better through nutrition and movement. tuesday through thursday i have my nanny and i work literally all day- from 6am-7pm often. my days are filled with a mixture of nutrition consultations, raw food coaching, movement sessions including yoga, gyrotonic exercise and pilates, phone consults and then there is the business side to organize, schedule and plan. i love it!!

check out my website for upcoming events:
Yoga For a Healthy Spine: The Infamous Psoas, Vita-mix Blender Food Prep Class and Eating Well for Kids and Families.

here is what i nourished myself with today:

water, lemon, cayenne, probiotic
e-3 live
green juice plus supplements
green juice all afternoon
4:30pm- salads filled with arame, hijiki, sunflower sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, lemon juice, sea salt and mashed avocado. i place a spoon full of this salad on lydia's organic green crackers for each bite. this combo is yummy. i also sprinkled some kelp and dulse on top of each bite.

now its time to rest and rejuvenate for another day of clients tomorrow.

be grateful, kelly

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