Saturday, April 9, 2011

Green Cracker / Bread & Kombucha

another fabulous raw yoga mommy day!!
as always i woke to my morning yoga practice and then it was off to be mommy for the day- living my yoga every step of the way (or at least most steps).

i'm often asked what do i do with the pounds of leftover pulp from my green juice every day. well here is one thing i do with it. i put the pulp in the food processor, add some sprouted ground flax seeds (or sprouted ground nut/seed of choice), add seasoning of choice- today i did garlic and dash of sea salt (you can use anything such as any organic frontier spice/herb mix- italian or mexican or curry, add sea veggies of choice- today i did dulse and kelp and add water to thin the mixture.

next, you can do a few things with this mixture in the dehydrator. all of the below pics are before the creations went into the dehydrator. i love making thin crispy crackers. i use these to dip zucchini hummus or any other spread, dip or veggie marinade.

sometimes i make what i call "Greenies". they are the thickness of brownies but filled with nutrients and are green of course. i make these so they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. today i did an in between version and it was more like a thick wrap or piece of bread. today i ate it with kim chi on top- this was yummy!! then i had two more pieces and dipped them in hemp oil with a dash of sea salt. this made me feel like i was eating bread dipped in an amazing olive oil.

Went to my friend's house today to make a batch of kombucha and to have a playdate. below are some pics. now i will just wait 21 days till this batch is ready.
the baby:

the tea:

my daily nutrition :
morning yoga
water, lemon, cayenne
9:00 kombucha tea
10:30 wheatgrass, e-3 live, green juice with supplements
12:00 green juice with pure synergy and wheatgrass powder
drank over 2 hours - 50 ounces
3:00 kim chi, my greenie bread slice with kim chi, lydias organic green crackers with kim chi
4:30 warm slice of greenie bread dipped in hemp oil with dash of sea salt
8:00 sipping on kombucha tea

namaste, kelly

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