Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Water Workshop & Daily Nutrition

This Thursday, April 7th @ 2p, Balance Studio @ 8305 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda i'm attending a free workshop on Water:

Drinking enough water is key to good health, but what about the quality of your tap/bottled water? How is it affecting your family's health and what can you do about it? Come find out at this very important event: Bring your water to be tested and learn how to keep your water and yourself healthy!
come and join me!!

Today's Nutrition:
This is a pic from another day but its still the same fabulous greens!!

tongue scrape
water with lemon, probiotic
more water with lemon while working with clients at studio
9:00 yoga / gyrotonic exercise
11:00 massage
12:00 3 ounces wheatgrass
2 ounce e-3 live
16 ounces green juice with supplements: multi women, b-12, b-complex, d3, omega 3, vit c, calcium
Worked with clients all afternoon while sipping on green juice
1:00-5:00ish 50 ounces of green juice mixed with pure synergy greens
5:30ish brad's kale chips with raw fermented carrots and sauerkraut
body brushed and showered
drinking my kombucha tea while writing this

fabulous simple day. i had loads of energy all day!!

be well, kelly

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