Monday, April 4, 2011

Raw Chip Product Review, 7-Day Detox & Bird Watching

what an amazing day!! now it just has to stay this way.
i make a variety of raw vegan crackers/chips but occasionally i like to just buy some. i finally tried "Brad's Raw Chips" and i like them. i placed fermented veggies on top and they added a great crunch and texture. the spices in them are light so they will go with most dips. i plan on making my zucchini hummus this week (see later in the week for recipe) and i know they will go great with that. today i tried the kale and red pepper. i highly recommend both. i purchased them at my organic market in rockville.
my 7-day detox group is on either day 1 or 2 dependent upon when they started. one thing to remember about detoxing is to truly listen to your body. some people tend to feel more energy the first few days and then get a detox response. others get a detox response more immediately. others never get a detox response. others just feel more energy the whole week. no matter what category you fall in just listen to your body and try to determine what it is asking for or what it is telling you. this can be challenging but a skill i would love for everyone to develop.

for those of you who just love the coffee taste here is a great natural product (it is not raw vegan) that you can use to make tea, shakes, ice creams and more. thank you to my friend staci who told me about it. i also purchased this at my organic market.

i enjoyed more of my raw vegan ice cream today!! for those of you doing a strict detox this would not be appropriate because of the large amount of fat and the different fats. tomorrow, i plan on doing a total juice day: green juices all day long!! i love these days. its simple and i always have loads of energy. when you eat simple you have more energy to put towards living because you are using less energy to digest food.

i spent as much time as possible outside today. one of today's activities with the boys was bird watching. mason's friend at school brought binoculars for show and tell and ever since he has been wanting to bird watch. so luckily one of my amazing clients is a bird watcher and we ventured out to find the birds today.

bird watching ended when owen fell in a mini-lake on the field. he was not very happy!! yes- i took a picture before helping him out. i had to- he was sooo cute.

Thank you roxy for an amazing afternoon. Mason could not put down the bird-watching book you let him borrow!!


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