Friday, March 11, 2011

Detox Day 7

above are kelp noodles that i included in my mid-day meal.

happy friday!!

my daily nutrition:
tongue scrape
pau d'arco tea
shopping at moms for all my ingredients to make kale chips and to get weekend groceries
gave lecture to a group of moms regarding proper posture and optimal exercises to do on a daily basis. i love working with other moms. Owen had a blast running around with the other kids!!
11:45ish green juice with supplements
green juice with pure synergy and wheatgrass powder
owen and i made kale chips- he loves eating them before i even put them in the dehydrator!!! i never say no to this!!
owen and i did not mommy and me yoga- he has a wonderful downward facing dog. i'm fascinated by watching him and all babies move naturally. they have an energy and freedom of movement that gets lost as we become adults. i challenge everyone to really watch babies move and try to move more like them!!!
3:00 kelp noodles and arame lightly heated in a saute pan with a little olive oil. sprinkled a topping of ground up sprouted sunflower seeds, nutritional yeast and sea salt on top. this was a very warming meal. this is not an ideal "detox" meal because it includes two different fats- fats from the olive oil and fats from the sunflower seeds. but it was fabulous!!! owen ate lots too!! then we munched on more undone kale chips.
sipping on kombucha tea while writing this.
my mom is visiting so i will spend time with her tonight.

namaste, kelly

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