Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Detox Day 5

in my daily yoga practice i challenge myself with arm balance postures!!! i challenge you to choose at least one thing every day to do that challenges you. it could be a physical exercise, eating a new food, experimenting with new food preparation techniques, taking a new exercise class etc. it could even be just relaxing (it can be challenging to just relax in this go go go world!!).

it was another very simple eating day for me. days that i'm busy i want as much energy as possible to put towards the things i'm doing so eating light is perfect. my day today was really just like yesterday.

tongue scrape
worked with clients
yoga class
green juice with supplements
green juice with pure synergy and wheatgrass powder
drank juice till 1:30ish
saw clients all afternoon
3:00ish mango
5:00ish mango
Yes- i'm obsessed with mangos right now
practiced yoga with the hubby
body brush, shower
drinking ginger kombucha as i write this!!
meditation/deep breathing

namaste, kelly

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