Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Detox Day 4

Here are some fun recent pics from our playdate on friday:
owen bouncing!!

mason bouncing!!

we had sooo much fun bouncing on the trampoline!! remember bouncing on a trampoline or "rebounding" is fabulous for detoxing because it gets the lymphatic system flowing and therefore, the body functioning properly. you can buy a small rebounder for daily home use. ideally you want to rebound approximately 10 minutes per day. i highly suggest investing in a rebounder and adding this to your daily rituals.

Feeling fabulous today. i honestly did not like doing the Garden of Life Raw Cleanse. i much prefer just keeping it simple and eating simple clean foods and drinks. today was very simple:

tongue scrape
water, probiotic
yoga class
11:00 bodywork- one hour massage
12:00 green juice and supplements- multi, b-12, b-complex, vit c, d3
green juice with pure synergy and wheatgrass powder all afternoon
saw clients all afternoon followed by meeting
4 mangos over 1.5 hours chewed very well- they were soooo delish!!
i'm drinking a ginger kombucha tea right now

this is the type of day that just gives me loads of energy!! i feel light, energetic and vibrant!!

namaste, kelly

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