Friday, March 18, 2011

Nutritious and Delicious New Products!!

What an amazingly beautiful day!! Warm, fresh and springy!!

If you have not tried coconut vinegar and coconut aminos you have to try them and incorporate them into your diet. there are many health benefits of both and they taste fabulous!! Check out the website here.

i used the coconut aminos to make owen and I's lunch today:
i lightly warmed kelp noodles, arame and hijiki in a sauce pan and transferred it to our bowls. i drizzled it with hemp oil, dash of sea salt, loads of nutritional yeast and a few drizzles of coconut aminos. we ate this with loads of my crunchy kale chips!! So satisfying, nutritious and delicious!!
owen ate this while finishing his smoothie from this morning which included: my daily green juice as the base, fresh organic mango, scoop of sun warrior vanilla protein powder, bee pollen and hemp seeds. He was covered in kale chips with a green ring around him mouth- wish i had a pic!!

Today's Journal:
probiotic and water
green juice plus supplements
green juice plus spirulina, wheatgrass powder and pure synergy powder
-total green juice approx 50 ounces sipped on over 1.5 hours
pau d'arco tea
the above sea veggie lunch
ginger tea
park with kids enjoying the sun shining down on my skin!!
pint of raw vegan ice cream- cashew creamery vanilla
sipping on kombucha tea now- gingerberry

This weekend i have my Yoga as Therapy training so i'm immersing myself in my yoga world all weekend. i'm doing a program in which we meet one weekend a month for several months. i love it and look forward to every second!!

namaste, kelly

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