Saturday, March 12, 2011

Detox Day 8

what a beautiful afternoon. check out the pics of my guys riding bike:
i'm very excited to get on the bike trails with mason this spring and summer!!

owen is using a "balance" bike. these are fabulous. both owen and mason used it to learn how to ride bike. it is a bike without pedals that helps them improve their balance and control for riding a bike with pedals. it is amazing and totally works. literally the second time mason got on his bike with pedals he was riding like a pro!! now its owen's turn to learn.

I had an amazing wellness day today.

slept in (till 5:45 at least)
water / probiotic
kombucha tea while making green juice for the day
yoga class at Yoga Fusion
drank rest of kombucha, pau d'arco tea
Bodywork/massage session from 12-1:30. i highly recommend getting regular bodywork done. there are just some things we can't do through exercise/movement etc. getting regular body work done now will prevent issues and injuries in the future. i do not believe this is just something extra to get done. this is essential to the balance of the mind and body. For me it is my time to breathe, be silent and just visualize the area she is working on to get the most benefit possible. i suggest you find someone that you see regularly so that they get to know your body and what it needs.

green juice plus supplements
green juice plus wheatgrass powder and pure synergy powder
park with kids and mom all day
out to dinner with mom and kids- did not eat at dinner
lots of yummy juicy sweet mangos
sipping on kombucha tea now
will meditate and relax very soon!!

here is owen eating all my kale chips!!!

namaste, kelly

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