Monday, January 24, 2011

Be Grateful for your Health / Today's Nutrition

Good evening everyone!! if you read yesterday's post you all saw that i have a slight strain in my adductor. i couldn't wait to see how it felt today. i did modify my practice but minimally- so i'm extremely grateful for that. this experience reminds me to be grateful for my health and reminds me of why i treat my body like a temple on a daily basis. sometimes we take our health and physical body for granted. if we don't have our health we would not be able to experience life to its fullest. this is why you should do everything in your power to maintain and optimize your health. the sad thing is that most diseases are caused by things that we have control over- how we eat, stress levels, lack of sleep and exercise etc.

Many of you know that i'm a huge fan of regularly detoxing the body, mind and spirit. detoxing regularly will help extend your life. detoxing gives the digestive system and body a rest allowing it to function optimally. when the body is overloaded with toxins it can't function properly, works harder and therefore, will deteriorate faster.

i was always very health conscious but it was when i was trying to get pregnant with my first baby that really brought me to eating the cleanest way possible. i was having difficulty getting pregnant and wanted to do everything natural that i could to support my fertility. i consulted a doctor that used raw living foods to heal various health issues including fertility issues. what i realized through this experience was that it was not just what i did but what i did not do- meaning eliminating toxins in every way i could. what i believe helped most was changing my diet to the most nutrient-dense diet possible (raw living foods/drinks), decreasing stress (working less, less travel), becoming more mindful and present and giving my body and mind space to actually get pregnant.
take time to be grateful for your health and your physical body and make it a priority to treat it the best you can everyday!! you are worth it!!!

today's nutrition:

woke at 4am
water / probiotic
yoga / breathing practice
kombucha tea
(took a day off from green juice- i do this occasionally just to vary things up- but i truly missed it!!)
2 large mangos
brazil nut smoothie: 3 cups brazil nut milk, 2 bananas, 2 scoops sun warrior vanilla protein, bee pollen, whole leaf stevia (drank this over 3 hours while i did my monday shopping)
mondays are my day to stock up on all the good foods for the week. i go to my organic market and whole foods. i love seeing my kitchen stocked!!
sea spaghetti salad- this was so delicious and nutritious

1 handful herb mix salad
1 handful arugala
1/2 cup sea spagetti
a few soaked sun dried tomatoes

1/2 avocado
1 tbsp tahini
drizzle of sun dried tomato water
sprinkle of nutritional yeast
dash of sea salt
ate this with my amazing kale chips
now i'm sipping on kombucha

i also took the day off from my supplements.

namaste, kelly

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