Monday, January 10, 2011

Organization / My Daily Rituals

My fresh almond milk, date, mesquite & maca shake today!! i let it blend for a while to warm it slightly.

i'm having sooo much fun with my new computer. lots of creative things i'm learning to do and i love starting from scratch in regards to organization!! i love being organized. i'm a list maker. i have a place for everything- including every one of my kid's toys. i have to admit i'm a little OCD in this area. but this is what makes me me. being organized helps me do things efficiently. for instance if i know exactly where my kid's coats and hats are and where my keys are then we get out of the house on time and get to where we are going- we have more time to enjoy life. challenge yourself to organize your life. in every area of your life is there a way to simplify and organize it better?
my day today:
water and probiotic
kombucha tea
grocery shopping- mondays are my day to stock the house with my goodies for the week. i hit MOMS (my organic market) for all the fresh produce and more and then hit whole foods for a few things that either moms does not have. then i come home and organize it all. i love when my kitchen is filled with loads of vibrant raw foods.
drank cup of pau d'arco tea while unloading groceries
bowl of raw fermented sauerkraut and veggies- love these!!!
bowl of warmed kelp noodles, sea spagetti, arame and hiziki in a sauce of tahini, nutritional yeast and sea salt with chunks of avocado and alfalfa sprouts. Very warming and comforting meal!!
had a tutorial from my computer guy who is the best computer guy in the world
picked up mason from school
sipped on another cup of pau d'arco tea
prepared snacks of coconut yogurt and mango for the kids
prepared dinner for the kids of lentil soup with avocado and nutritional yeast with a side of quinoa
sipped on large glass of almond milk blended with dates, mesquite and maca
played lots of games with the kids and enjoyed every minute of it!!
kombucha tea while playing on the computer

namaste, kelly

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